Soccer has been and will continue to be the most popular sport in the world and it was only a matter of time before daily fantasy sports sites included SOCCER as part of their offering. The sport continues to grow on both the national and international stages and more Americans just aren’t playing soccer, but are following professional soccer foreign and domestically. The international intrigue is not reserved for the World Cup every four years, so the compounding interest has created a market for daily fantasy soccer leagues.

Participants will join leagues and compete against others players for a specific buy in amount that they designate. Buy in ranges from $5-$100 on average and the amount of competitors in a given league may vary as well. The goal is to purchase a team for an allotted period of time whose stats will be accumulated and measured against the other competitors in the league. All competitors are given a budget of around 50K and with that a competitor bids on which players they want on their team. According to Draft Kings, the team you are assembling will consist of 8 players from at least 3 English Premier League Teams. The positions includes 1 goal keeper, 2 defenders, 2 mid-fielders, 2 forwards and a flex position that allows you to draft an additional defender, mid or forward. Once a participant has maxed out his 50K budget assembling the best team possible the host site will track their points. Points are based on statistics each player accumulates throughout their game and all 8 players are added together for a total score. Various statistics are tracked throughout the game including goals, assists, shots, crosses, red and yellow cards, fouls, saves, penalty kick saves, goals allowed and more.   Whichever participant drafts the 8 players that accumulate the most statistical points wins their league for that day and instantly collects their payout.

Not too shabby if you love sports, fantasy sports, daily fantasy soccer or any combination of the three. If you drafted the perfect team and managed to finish out of the money, no worries, you can anti up the next day for a small buy in and entertain yourself for hours by managing your own roster, competing against others and hopefully winning some cash. If you like soccer be warned, daily fantasy soccer leagues make the world renowned sport exponentially more entertaining. Good luck gamers!!