Welcome to DAILY FANTASY FOOTBALL. OK, maybe not… 40 million people this season have already been formally introduced to the growing trend of fantasy football and over 80% of those have been playing for years. Have you formally been introduced to “DAILY FANTASY FOOTBALL”? If not, then the roll this may play in your day to day operations is likely to be mind liberating and life altering. A slight dramatization, maybe, but fantasy football fans all over country are beating the system weekly by playing in daily leagues while also playing in season long leagues, because the bragging rights for winning are simply too great.

Let’s face it, by now you have a pretty good idea where your team is going to land by season’s end, and if you’re not finishing in the top 3 of a ten man league than your saving grace is imminent. Don’t get all defensive, there’s a solid reason why you’re team is mediocre this season. Injuries, under performance, suspensions, indictments, bye week casualties, the list goes on. It’s time to consider playing daily fantasy football.

There’s no reason to complicate something so simple by over explaining it. Whether you’re team is great or on the decline, daily fantasy football leagues are for everyone. Perhaps you’re killing it with your predictions this season, and if so, daily leagues provide the payouts you rightfully deserve. If you need a big ol’ fantasy redo, daily leagues are your chance for redemption. The time is now, search the website that’s a good fit for you, pick your team, and enjoy the drama of the weekend. Come Tuesday, that team you just handpicked for the weekend is no longer your responsibility, and if they netted you some cash, get ready to ramp up for the next week. If your team was close, or outright terrible, no worries – you’re not stuck with a bunch of underperformers like you are with your regular team. The best part is, financially, all systems are a go, as you have likely committed very little of your personal funds to this endeavor.

It’s not hard to join the long list winners in a given league, and if you’re up for the challenge of a yearly league, daily fantasy football leagues will be a piece of cake. So get out there and join the hundreds of thousands of players already competing and draft the fantasy football team of your choice… every week for the rest of this season.