What’s up daily fantasy gamers? As you preparing your daily fantasy sports strategy? It’s a certainty that you are doing your due diligence in preparations for the pretend team that you are going to purchase and have ownership for this weekend. Make no mistake though – the same people that you are competing against that you don’t even know are reading the same articles that you are.


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Articles about daily fantasy sports strategy who to play and who to bench, flames and lames and absolutely positively must starts. So you are taking that knowledge and merging it with your current “gut” feeling and bidding on players. That’s great, the only problem, is dozens of other participants are doing the same, and all this is doing is driving the price up and diminishing the value of these players.

If ten experts rate their top 3 at every position you will likely get a cast of players that is the same week in and week out. At WR you’ll have Dez Bryant, Calvin Johnson, Damaryius Thomas, Jordy Nelson and Brandon Marshall, and in standard fantasy leagues this makes sense even if it rarely comes to fruition.   Out of the top 5 WRs through the first 8 weeks Randall Cobb and Jeremy Maclin are rarely projected to be in the top 3 but both find themselves on this list. Antonio Brown is currently the top WR and wasn’t even close to the top 5 projected at the start of the season. Through the first 8 weeks only Thomas has been the top WR multiple times. What does all of this mean? When drafting in daily leagues it is essential that you don’t get sucked in to paying top dollar for a top rated position players that your competitors are already fighting you for.

Let’s take week 8 for example. The top players at their positions were Roethlisberger, Emmanuel Sanders and Arian Foster with Gronkowski in the TE spot. Teams winning their leagues and eventual cash this week likely had at least 2 of these players. None of which they paid big money for. All of that to say this; these players are considered X factors and every daily winner has them on their team. Several big names finished in the top 5 of the positional rankings this week so it should come as no surprise when your value players out perform your top dollar players. Identifying the X factors ahead of time takes care of half the battle. Through the first 8 weeks there have been 8 different QBs atop the weekly standings including Joe Flacco. No Brees and no Brady. This why QBs should never drain your budget AND guys like Golden Tate, Jeremy Maclin, Steve Smith Jr., Emmanuel Sanders and T.Y Hilton are all examples of X Factor daily fantasy sports strategy you should get out in front of on draft day. Recognize these players ahead of time, get them on the cheap, and hope they go off.

Hopefully these X factors at every position will lead you to fantasy gold!

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